By reflecting the local culture, history and geography of Somalia we offer an opportunity to explore the country and dicover an ancient beauty.

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One Worls Media Awards

While media coverage of Somalia often focuses on politics, violence, and the suffering inflicted on civilians, this piece looks at an ordinary man who left his life in London to set up a chain of restaurants in Mogadishu. With a new government came the hope that there could be peace. But in Somalia, the job of rebuilding the nation will probably be up to the people, not politicians.

Unreported World: The Master Chef of Mogadishu.

Aidan Hartley and John Conroy made this moving film about a man determined to help re-build his country, despite the fact that his success has made him a target of al-Shabaab. Days before filming began, extremists blew themselves up in one of Ahmed’s cafes, killing 20 civilians. Through his restaurants and his sacrifice, Ahmed has given confidence to ordinary Somalis to dare to think and act more freely. Must Watch. Uk's channel 4 Unreported World meets the remarkable British Somali man (Chef ahmed Jama) who has mortgaged his life in London and left his family behind to set up a chain of restaurants in the Somali capital.

Qucksilver Media for Channel 4.

The jury said: "The Master Chef of Mogadishu was a brave piece of filmmaking that showed a fresh perspective of life in Somalia. Beautifully filmed and observed, it was a story of hope, showing the resilience and bravery of one man determined to play his part in rebuilding his war-torn country. Where some films show people in the developing world as passive victims, here there was a real sense of agency. The jury all agreed that they would never think of Somalia in the same way as a result of having seen this film."

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